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Liz Jones, former editor-in-chief of Marie Claire -- where she ran a high-profile campaign to ban skinny models -- fashion editor at the Daily Mail and now columnist and star writer at the Mail on Sunday…

Liz grew up in Essex and suffered from anorexia from the age of 11 until her late thirties and, well, now a bit really. She went to Brentwood High School for Girls, Southend College of Technology and the London College of Printing (renamed as the London College of Communication, University of the Arts). She doesn’t really think she is a goddess, by the way. She merely wanted to annoy everyone at HMRC, and so called her Limited company by this name.

Liz Lives in North Yorkshire with her three collies: Mini, who is perfect, the wonderful but dysfunctional (she thinks she's a cockerel and starts pawing Liz in the face the minute the sun comes up) Missy and Gracie, who has so far chewed her way through 13 seat belts, the interior of a RAV 4, 11 Sofas, unlimited dog beds, and pillows. Liz also has an ex-racehorse and eventer who doesn't like apples, carrots or polos and a rescued pony who likes everything including roast dinner stolen off her plate and Quavers. 

Shortlisted five times as Columnist of the Year at the British Press Awards

Columnist of the Year 2012 at the BSME awards (or, as Liz likes to call them, the Mad Cow Bongs)

The Evening Standard: ‘A better writer than Helen Fielding

Lynn Barber, The Sunday Times Magazine: ‘The best comic creation since Alan Partridge

The Observer: ‘The Tracey Emin of literature

BBC Radio 4: ‘The Queen of Confessional journalism

The London Review of Books:

Grateful thanks to Natasha Pszenicki at DMG Media for her kind permission to use the photos on this website

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