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CAIRO ANIMAL RESCUE TEAM    -    Please help us help CART! 


Cairo Animal Rescue Team desperately needs help!  Eygpt like so many places has been hit in a devastating way by COVID,  like most countries the charities are suffering and struggling to survive and look after their animals.  The authorities are poisoning dogs on the streets and people are throwing their pets out and putting them in rubbish bins, they are starving. 

The need for CART has never been greater.


This charity has 1000's of street dogs they care for, Horses, donkeys and 800+ rescues in their sanctuary.  They are having to feed their animals every other day and only can give them half rations.   Without help the animals will starve, please help! 




1. Make a Donation - any amount!!  however small will help so much 

2.  Follow the charity on soical media and share 

3. Share this page and retweet to raise awareness


Paypal CART  

Every donation is appreciated! Thank You so much! 

Follow  CART on Twitter 

Update: We Raised almost £2000 which was sent to help the strays, which was amazing thank you so

much to everyone who contributed!   


Teamwork!!!! A great result for Animal Rescue Kefalonia


It just goes to show what can be achieved when animal lovers come together! A lovely lady called Sue Thompson contacted us to see if we could help an animal rescue in Kefalonia who is desperately struggling due to COVID.  ARK (Animal Rescue Kefalonia) are finding it impossible to raise enough money to feed their rescues, an awful heartbreaking situation.  A UK charity Holly Hedge had generously offered a full transit van bursting with food, medicine, toys and beds, the problem was how to get it to Kefalonia.  Sue asked if we could help and Nic got to contacting all the airlines.  Unfortunately, we had no luck and were thinking it was going to be impossible.  The last company to try was TUI and they didn't hesitate, they said yes straight away and they are AMAZING! 

Pauline at Holly Hedge and her wonderful volunteers flew into action to get everything packed up and transported from Bristol to Birmingham ready to fly in just two days! 


A massive thank you to everyone involved to make this happen! 


The TUI  Team you are incredible THANK YOU, Lilla Merrick, Liz Edwards, Nial Mclean, Lara Busch

Simon Gent  and his operations team at Globe Air Cargo for sorting logistics and processing the cargo

Pauline Leeson and all the brilliant  Holly Hedge Rescue volunteers for their amazing donation

Dave Bailey for driving the donations to Birmingham from Bristol

Sue Thompson who has worked so hard to pull this together


This has created some much needed breathing space for ARK but they still need help and support to feed and care for their animals, please check out the amazing work they do and if you can donate any amount at all that would be wonderful, can't donate? share this page and let people know about the charities we are supporting and how they can help


You can donate Via this UK website!  Donate food for ARK


Every single donation is appreciated! Thank You! 


The volunteers​ at Holly Hedge Rescue packing, weighing and measuring all the donations ready to transport to the airport.

The journey has begun! more updates to follow

Meet Chrisa Founder of GRSTRAYS


Chrisa desperately needs our help to continue to rescue and rehome abused stray dogs and cats and to continue to educate people in the local villages. To help raise money Nic did a tandem skydive .  Thank you so much to everyone who sponsered    Nic hates heights and is terrified so earned every single penny! 

Every donation is appreciated! Thank You! 

Please watch this video to see how critical the work is but also how happy the dogs are, 

check out those waggy pups when they see Chrisa , they have love and full bellies  

with your generous help Chrisa was able to rebuild the housing so THANK YOU! 


About the Charity

When Chrisa Ntinou was 15, she saw a man throwing newborn puppies into a bin. Shocked, she rescued them, found their mum and raised them herself. Once the puppies were old enough, she re-homed them, but she kept coming across animals in need and so Chrisa's Stray Rescue was born. Now 25, Chrisa has 150 dogs at her shelter in Trikala, Greece, as well as cats and kittens.

Chrisa works hard, along with her supportive partner, to re-home the dogs after they have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. She does everything from feeding, to medical care, to home checks herself.

Earlier this year Trikala was hit by a flood, which almost destroyed Chrisa's shelter. She has used donations to buy temporary dog houses to keep the animals safe, but with winter approaching this is no longer enough. Your donations will help buy the materials she needs to reconstruct her shelter and ensure her rescue animals have somewhere warm and dry to sleep this winter, as well as food, bedding, toys and vet bills.

Follow Chrisa  @GrStrays on Twitter

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